Monday, August 16, 2010

The Blast

Creating The Perfect Woman

Camera Obscura

Mickey By A Trash Can

Blowing Pan's Skin Flute

Bad, Bad, Luck

The Hand

Curious George Eats A Bunny

The Human Fly

Goodyear Illuminated Tires


The Desperate Dyke

Plant Of The Female Invaders

1967 - Mexico

Snowman In An Icebox

VIP Sex Clown

Bad-Ass Boots

Lobster Claw Cactus

Nap Time For Frankenstein

Kato And The Green Hornet

Eyeballs From Space

When Pigs Fly...

La Savonna

Santa Eats Kid

Ass Music

Initialized Ass

Photo by Carlo Molino.

Frankenstein Land

Doody Gets Laid

Working With Shadows

The Human Pincushion

Burlesque Hall Of Fame


1969 Acid Carnival

House Of Secrets


Martian Dating

Atomic Energy

Riding With Death

Gun Crazy

54 Caddy El Camino

LSD Stories

Get Out Of Jail Free


Miss UFO

Munster Mobile

Tricky Dick Mask

Perambulator Racing


Alligator Man

Hobbie Handbook 1954

Miss Webber